Here’s How We Recently Helped Three Cats

Sue Kerr
5 min readJan 18, 2023

I was having a good day yesterday. Lots of little positive things. Then I got word that a cat named Tang had successfully been transferred from his humans to a rescue. That news was the capstone of the day.

Two weeks ago, Tangs owners contacted me. A married gay couple, they both had serious, unexpected health crisis at the same time and ended up in long-term rehabilitation. This left their two beloved cats, Simone and Tang, home alone. Friends were feeding them, but their dads knew the cats needed new homes.

They reached out to me, I reached out to others. Simone was rehomed first, then Tang went to a nearby rescue where he will remain until he’s adopted.

On Friday, I saw a Facebook post from a Northside neighborh — her younger cat was pestering the much older one and ended up with a bite.

We all know how hard unplanned vet trips can be, especially after the holidays when the furnace is churning away. I connected with Mittens’ human. We were able to get him into a local urgent care where he was examined, given antibiotics, and a cone. He’s going to be fine. And he won’t be left unsupervised around his elder sister.

In both situations, I used crowdfunds to invite neighbors and friends to help. Simone and Tang will need complete senior blood panels, updated vaccines, etc. Mittens needed the care mentioned above.

For Simone and Tang, we hope to raise another $150 to ease their transitions. For Mittens, we’ve raised $200 so far. When folx are able, I ask them to participate or at least permit a crowdfund to raise awareness and to share the financial obligations. It isn’t viable to do this for every situation and we can’t run non-stop crowdfunds, but PLC is now establishing a matrix to determine when we should and how we do that.

This is part of the reason I established Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities — to hold myself accountable to other board directors and through financial reporting. It is very easy for allegations of malfeasance to take on a life of their own. While I feel I’ve earned your faith, I want you to expect more than my reputation when you donate.

I want you to expect results. My wife took me out to breakfast on Friday and I spent a lot of that time on the phone helping…



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