Political LGBTQ&A with Anthony Saba, Crafton Borough Councilperson-Elect

Sue Kerr
6 min readDec 2, 2019

Western Pennsylvania elected four new openly LGBTQ people to local offices. We interviewed all of them. A four-part series.

While on the local level we can only have so much impact, I believe that everything starts at the community level. I would focus on making sure that all of our neighbors, regardless of their identity, understand what we are fighting for, equality and community. — Anthony Saba

A few days after Election Day 2019, the Victory Fund released a list of known openly LGBTQ (self-identified, of course) candidates who won their offices. They identified two in Western Pennsylvania. After I published that information, I found three more for a total of five (so far) and who knows how many others who weren’t registered with the Victory Fund. If you know someone who should be on this list, please message them to message me privately. Loosely speaking, I’m interested in openly LGBTQ candidates who won their office in the Western portion of Pennsylvania.

So I created a political Q&A for these specific candidates who are mostly brand new to municipal politics. Four of the five have agreed to participate so far. And we’ll be using their responses as a launch pad to explore equality issues in their municipalities. Keep your eyes out for our rural LGBTQ organizing Q&A’s rolling out in this same time frame. It is all exciting stuff and worth diving into, I promise.

This is Anthony Saba, an openly gay man who with his husband will be joining the Crafton Borough Council. Anthony also identifies as Arab (see below) so Crafton has set the bar high for new voices from Pittsburgh communities seated at decision-making tables. I was pleased that he and his husband were able to successfully win their elections. Scroll down to read all posts in this series.

How do you describe your identity? Cis Gendered Gay Male

You recently won election to Crafton Borough Council Tell us about your district and the communities you will represent. Borough Council is an at large position therefore I am 1 of 7 that represent the community as a whole.

Please tell me about your familiarity with the LGBTQ community in your district, the public schools, and the region. Crafton is…



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